The Giant Radio Ranger Rc Fishing Boat 34".

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Use our Rc Fishing Products to Catch Real Fish! Attach your bait, drive the boat out and catch fish, drive them in with the boat. Or use the line release feature to take your line out hundreds of feet and release it anywhere.

Many fish caught with rc fishing boats
Rc Fishing World

The Home of Fishing With Remote Control Boats! Since 2008 Fish Fun Co. We offer our very own products for fishing with remote control boats. Our Radio Ranger Rc Fishing Boat and Rc Fishing products have been featured on such channels as Animal Planet and Discovery! Fish Fun Co. For Real Fishing! Catch any size fish. Pull in fish up to 4lbs. with the boat or use the line release feature for any size fish! See how much fun catching fish with rc boats is.

Made For Real Fishing!

Catch Bass, Bluegill, Brim, Carp, Catfish, Crappie, Muskie, Pike! There's no fish too big! Put a worm on a hook and drive around the dock, when the bobber goes down, drive the fish in! The Rc Fishing Boats can handle a fish up to about 4 lbs. we've seen even a 5 pounder driven in with the Radio Ranger! For fish bigger than 4 lbs. use your regular fishing pole and instead of casting use a line release pad to attach your linr to the boat. Then drive it out 300-400 feet and release the line from the boat!

The Giant Radio Ranger Rc Fishing Boat 34".