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Watch Our Fish Fun Co. Products in Action! From the many videos we have we just picked a couple for our mobile website, so if you want to continue watching them either go to our main website http://RcFishingWorld.com or our Youtube Channel.


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The Home of Rc Fishing!

The Rc Fishing Pole

The Rc Fishing Pole fits on any rc boat for real fishing fun!

The Bait Bucket

Deliver a handfull of tasty chum for a fish feeding frenzy!

Rc fishing accessories

Battery Upgrade, Smart Charger, Parts and more....

Rc Fishing Boat Videos

Watch our Rc Fishing Boats catching Real Fish!

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Use our Rc Fishing Products to Catch Real Fish!

Attach your bait, drive the boat out and catch fish, drive them in with the boat. Or use the line release feature to take your line out hundreds of feet and release it anywhere.